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MMA7455 accelerometer example

by shedboy71

The MMA7455 accelerometer is a sensor that can measure acceleration in three axes. This sensor is commonly available as a breakout board that you can connect to your Arduino. It requires VCC, GND , SCA and SCL to be connected.

Here is a picture of the sensor breakout.


MMA7455 Accelerometer Sensor Module

MMA7455 Accelerometer Sensor Module

Here is how to wire the MMA7455 accelerometer to your Arduino



MMA7455 Accelerometer to arduino

MMA7455 Accelerometer to arduino


You will need a copy of the MMA_7455 library to make your life easier. Download and copy to your Arduino -> Libraries folder

This example simply displays the X, Y and Z axes settings in the serial monitor


#include <Wire.h> //Include the Wire library
#include <MMA_7455.h> //Include the MMA_7455 library

MMA_7455 mySensor = MMA_7455();

char xVal, yVal, zVal;

void setup()
Serial.println(“MMA7455 Accelerometer Test.”);

void loop()
xVal = mySensor.readAxis(‘x’); //Read the ‘x’ Axis
yVal = mySensor.readAxis(‘y’); //Read the ‘y’ Axis
zVal = mySensor.readAxis(‘z’); //Read the ‘z’ Axis
Serial.print(“X = “);
Serial.print(xVal, DEC);
Serial.print(” Y = “);
Serial.print(yVal, DEC);
Serial.print(” Z = “);
Serial.println(zVal, DEC);


MMA7455 Accelerometer Sensor Module on Amazon UK

MMA7455 Accelerometer Sensor Module on Amazon US


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