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A new shield for beginners – Rich Shield TWO

by shedboy71

This Rich Shield TWO has many components onboard such as an I2C LED matrix, joystick, battery display, rotary encoder, DS18B20 temperature sensor, human sensor, sound sensor.

1. An I2C LED Matrix which is 16×8 pixels, you can use this to display characters, numbers and some basic graphics
2. A Joystick
3. A 10 bar Battery Display – this is composed of one blue bar, four green bars, 3 orange bars, and a red bar.
4. A Rotary Encoder: with 360 degrees rotation, output 20 pulses in one rotation. It also includes a button that will OUTPUT high level when you push it down.
5. A DS18B20 Temperature Sensor: this is a digital temperature sensor which only requires one signal line to detect a temperature range of -25 to +100 degrees celsius.
6. A PIR Sensor which will output a high level for 5s when it detects movement, otherwise it will output low.
7. A Sound Sensor which outputs an analog value according to the loundness of the sound. The louder the sound, the larger the value. The output value will drop to zero when there is no sounds, so you can detect the sound easily.
8. A 4 bit RGB LED which is based on the ws2812 RGB LED, a single I/O can make it display different colors on every LED which can also be controlled on their own.
9. There is a female pin header for an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor which you can plug into the header.



– compatible with many Arduino boards with the classic Arduino Uno form factor, OPEN-SMART ONE R3, MEGA2560 board;
– Operating voltage: 4.5V – 5.5V
– Operating current: 100mA (MAX)


This is a a very useful board for beginners to learn with. You can create basic projects

Ultrasonic distance measurement and display
Temperature measurement and display
PIR detection and display on LED
Sound level on display

You can pick one of these up for under £6 on popular sites like Aliexpress


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