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Run Arduino IDE as a portable version

by shedboy71

One nice feature that has been introduced in the Arduino IDE is the ability to run the software as a portable version. The portable version will store the sketchbook, the libraries and the hardware folder locally where you want it.

This is handy for a number of scenarios but for me personally I like this as you could have a copy on a pen drive and move this from PC to PC and the big one is that having used the Arduino IDE for development on many platforms such as Arduino, Chipkit, ESP8266 and even ATTiny microcontrollers I have been looking for a way where you could just have a set of sketches and libraries just for that platform. Using this method you could have an installation for each one with just the supported core, libraries and sketches.

Its extremely easy to create the portable version

Download the compressed version of the Arduino IDE
Once download has been completed, extract the archive content to the location you want. e.g F:\ARDUINO
Open the extracted folder and create a new directory called portable in the root

The first time you open the IDE the structure will be populated and from that point on all the sketches, libraries and additional cores will be installed in the portable folder. You could copy the portable folder to another unzipped installation and all the settings from the first would be in place.


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