Author: shedboy71

In this article we look at an Ambient Light sensor, the LTR-303 and connect it to an Arduino Uno Sensor Information The LTR-303ALS is a low cost,small, I2C Ambient Light sensor. The LTR-303ALS comes in a 2.0×2.0x0.7mm 6pin DFN package. The LTR-303ALS has an operating...
In this article we look at a shield for your Arduino Mega which enables you to use a Z80 processor with your Arduino Mega This was a processor that was used in a lot of personal computers including the glorious ZX Spectrum [caption id="attachment_1445" align="alignnone"...
In this article we look at the SHT35 humidity sensor, this is very similar to the SHT30 and SHT31 sensors in the same family but is a more expensive one. We connect the SHT35 humidity Sensor to an Arduino Uno - other arduino boards should...
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