Author: shedboy71

One of the interesting features of the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi is that it has a built-in 12x8 LED Matrix. Using a bit of creativity you can display anything you want on this. There is a handy led matrix editor online where you can create...
In this article we look at an Ambient Light sensor, the LTR-329 and connect it to an Arduino Uno Sensor Information The LTR-329 provides 16-bit light measurements for both Infrared and Visible+IR spectrums. Subtract one from the other to get human-visible light. Thanks to configurable...
In this article we look at a dot matrix display from keyestudio which is controlled by a HT16K33 The 8X8 dot matrix is composed of 64 light-emitting diodes, and each light-emitting diode is placed at the intersection of the row line and thecolumn line. When...
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