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Arduino Sensors Tutorial app on Android

by shedboy71

This app is a guide to Arduino Sensors

the app consists details of basic sensors used in arduino programming it consists of the sensor details ,circuit diagram and code for each sensor

The sensors covered in this app are
1.Ultrasonic sensor
2.IR obstracle avoiding sensor
3.Soil moisture sensor
4.Microphone sensor
5.Barametric Pressure sensor
6.Photoresistor sensor
7.Temperature sensor
9.Gas sensor
10.Vibration sensor
11.Rain detection sensor
12.Passive buzzer sensor
13.Speed sensor
14.IR flame sensor
15.Relay module
16.PIR sensor
17.Accelerometer Sensor
18.Temperature and humidity sensor
19.Rf transmitter and receiver
20.Joystick Shield

This app has 20 sensor type examples for the Arduino, I would have liked the code to have been spaced out a bit better and also on the same page as the layout but as this is a free app you cant really complain I suppose, it does contain ads as well









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