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Arduino Led Projects app for Android

by shedboy71

Another arduino related app for people with Android devices. This one focuses on LED related projects

The Arduino Led Projects app consists of

1.Blink an LED
2.Fade LED
3.Fade LED using pot
4.LED control by button
5.LED by serial monitor
6.LED using photocell
7.Led using Relay switch
8.Led using Bluetooth Module
9.Led using IR sensor
10.Coin Flipper
11.Led temperature indicator
12.Knight rider
13.Traffic Light
14.Led pendulum
15.Police Light
16.Back and forth scanner

This app contains various LED related projects for your Arduino, schematics look clear enough , a parts list is supplied and the code is clear enough to read.

The app is a bit heavy on the interstitial ads which can be annoying, that is the trade off for it being free I’m afraid










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