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Arduino Pocket reference on the iPad

by shedboy71

I’m always interested in apps onthe iPad or android devices that are related to the Arduino or electronics in general, in this case I took a look at Arduino pocket reference which fitted the bill as it was free.

The first thing that is obvious with a lot of the arduino apps is that they seem to have basicallt borrowed all of the creative commons content from the arduino website. With regards the content I had a quick flick through and found a couple of bugs or things that I think could have been better.

An LED example with no resistor connected to the output pin of the arduino – bad practice
Another LED example with 5 LEDs on the layout and 6 on the schematic
Inconsistent code fromatting – would prefer all code snipptes to be highlighted
Some of the layout images were incorrectly sized

I have linked to  my video so you can have a quick look yourselves




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