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This example shows how to connect a joystick to your Arduino. This could be used for games or perhaps navigating through a menu for example. This is a basic analog 2-axis joystick which has two 10K ohm pots for vertical and horizontal direction and a push...

In this example we connect a photoresistor to an Arduino, the value read from the photoresistor corresponds to the amount of light present. The photoresistor is connected to analog pin.

In this example we will show a basic example of connecting a DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor to your Arduino. This is a very nice little, low cost sensor which.

In this example we will connect a Piezo buzzer to our arduino and play some basic sounds, this uses the PWM functionality of the Arduino. A piezoelectric element may be.

The touch sensor is connected to D3 and we attach an LED to D13   Code [c] #define TOUCH_SENSOR 3 //the touch sensor is connected to D3 int led = 13; // pin for the LED void setup() { pinMode(led, OUTPUT); pinMode(TOUCH_SENSOR, INPUT); } void...
Following on from the LCD 4484 shield introduction, we will present some more basic examples using this shield This is another example using the LCD4484 shield, this time put a character on the screen and then move it across the screen. Code [c] #include "LCD4884.h"...

This was another shield that grabbed my attention, this LCD was used on older nokia phones. You can find it on the internet  at very reasonable rates. LCD Features resolution of.

In our example of creating a knight rider effect with some LEDs you will require the following parts. Amount Part Type Properties 8 Red (633nm) LED package 3 mm [THT];.

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